Oregon: Frank’s Noodle House in Portland

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It is actually a house. The bathroom on the second floor has a large wooden platform blocking the space that would ordinarily hold a bathtub. It appears that Frank woke up one day and realized that he didn’t need all of this space, so he turned his house into a Korean noodle joint (I’m making that up). That the restaurant is a house provides various odd rooms and corners, yielding some unique and intimate dining spaces, and a greater inclination to start up a conversation with the diners at an adjacent table. You forget that you’re in a restaurant. The house specializes in Korean barbecue ($10 for the short ribs) and piles of thick Korean stir-fried noodles ($8 – $13 a plate). Since the noodles are handmade, they don’t have a uniform shape. The result is an appropriately spicy and satisfying meal with some substance. The menu also maintains its obligatory fare of Chinese cuisine, including sweet and sour soup (necessary warmth in Oregon’s rainy climate), fried rice and beef with broccoli. It appears that the place just opened up; when I asked for a business card, an amused Frank noted that business cards were “arriving next week.” They are open on Monday through Saturday from 11am to 9pm, but are closed on Sunday.

822 North East Broadway, Portland, Oregon

Written by Jason Summerfield