Iowa: Almont Tap…Fun in a Cornfield

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Painted red in contrast to the surrounding corn stalks, the Almont Tap, a well-known, small town bar and grill, proudly displays its adopted slogan “Fun in a Cornfield” on its exterior wall.  Local patrons will be quick to recommend the massive burgers, which are a smart choice not only for the quality but to provide enough sustenance to enjoy the dirt cheap beer offerings. A biker friendly bar, the Almont Tap hosts an annual Memorial Poker Run in memory of owner Jim Arey, the proceeds of which benefit A.B.A.T.E. of Iowa District 21 to promote the rights and safety of motorcyclists.

4581 140th Street, Clinton, Iowa

Iowa’s Only Island City: Sabula

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At only one mile long and a quarter mile wide, Sabula is completely surrounded by water with the Sabula Lakes along the city’s west side and the Mississippi River surrounding all other sides. But the city was not always an island, not until the The Army Corps of Engineers constructed Lock and Dam No. 13 between Clinton and Fulton in the 1930’s causing the low-lying lands surrounding the city to flood. Due to its easy accessibility and quick access to the water, Sabula continues to grow as a summer vacation destination. The fourteen acre South Sabula Lakes Park offers picnic areas, campsites and a marina and there are several casual bars lining the riverfront streets.

The island can be reached by boat, the Savanna-Sabula bridge from the Illinois side or causeway from the Iowa mainland.

Lucky 7 Bar 413 Pearl Street

Flipper’s Island Bar 407 Pearl Street

Driftwood Bar 515 River Street