Key West’s Clothing Optional Rooftop Bar: Garden of Eden

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546908_626285100725973_1807310861_nThe only signs that something is unusual about this spot are the “no photography or video” signs lining the stairway up to the liberal open-air rooftop bar. Once you reach the roof, Garden of Eden features a small bar tucked to the side of the entrance and a wide open center dance area presided over by a DJ, enclosed by planters and wooden benches, where most of the patrons gather until they muster the courage (or have enough drinks) to strut their stuff center stage. The bar advertises itself as “clothing optional” and though many bar-goers remain fully clothed, even on a slow night some choose to bare it all or lose their tops on the dance floor. Whether or not you will frequent Garden of Eden, even a brief visit is worthwhile to experience the unique open-minded attitude embodied in the Keys.

224 Duval St, Key West