Oregon: Frank’s Noodle House in Portland

It is actually a house. The bathroom on the second floor has a large wooden platform blocking the space that would ordinarily hold a bathtub. It appears that Frank woke up one day and realized that he didn’t need all of this space, so he turned his house into a Korean noodle joint (I’m making […]

San Francisco: Pier 39 Sea Lions

Anyone who has visited Pier 39 in San Francisco remarks about its famous resident sea lions. The regularly gathered crowds and constant barking of the sea lions let visitors know they are in the right place even before they can navigate through the crowd to get their first glimpse at the pinnipeds. The California sea […]

American Culture: The Signs of Route 66

Everyone is familiar with the iconic highway marker for Route 66 and anyone taking the drive down the Mother Road will see it again and again as a road sign, painted marker on the highway, billboard, in the windows of businesses and on almost every souvenir you come across. Although this marker may be the […]

Seligman, Arizona: Snow Cap Drive In

Built in 1953 by Juan Delgadillo using mostly scrap lumber from the nearby railroad yards, the Snow Cap Drive-In is one of Route 66’s most colorful roadside attractions. The eatery is covered, inside and out, with decorations, kitsch and mementos left behind by travelers from around the world. A closer look around the property will […]

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