I flew to Ireland for $99 and it worked! Wow Air Review.

You may have heard of the amazing new prices to cities in Europe (Dublin, Paris, London, Amsterdam), and thought, “Is that for real?” I’m here to confirm it is. Wow Air flies out of Boston and Baltimore, to cities like Dublin, London, Paris & Amsterdam. You may also be able to set up a stopover […]

Montreal’s Mont Royal: The Raccoons of Town

New York has its rats, Athens has its stray dogs and cats and Montreal is the unlikely urban home of a large population of raccoons. Although they can be seen dashing across alleyways and rummaging in the back street trash cans of various neighborhoods, their center base is Mont Royal, the city’s namesake hill. In […]

The Stockholm Card: Stockholmskortet

The Stockholm Card offers the best value for any visitor looking to take in the city’s main attractions. The card covers the admittance fee to nearly every museum, including the some of the more popular ones like the Vasa Museum, the National Museum, Skansen and the Modern Art Museum. Without the Stockholm Card, normal museum […]

Swedish Chocolate Balls: Chokladbollar

A popular and widely available Swedish pastry, the chokladbollar (traditionally, the negerbollar, a name more or less abandoned in contemporary society) is made from oatmeal, sugar, coffee, cocoa, and butter, which is formed into a ball and then rolled in either shredded coconut or thick sugar sprinkles. The consistency and sweetness is a lot like […]

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