Stockholm’s Skansen-The World’s Oldest Open-Air Museum

Founded in 1891 by Artur Hazelius, Skansen was created as a result of Hazelius’ idea to create a miniature living Sweden. Today, the museum occupies 75 acres on island of Djurg√•rden. Hazelius’ goal was to showcase complete environments, that is, historically accurate buildings, period costumes and natural landscapes including animals, from across the country in […]

Stockholm Day Trip: Scandinavian History in Uppsala

About a 40 minute train ride north from Stockholm’s Central Station, Uppsala is largely known as a university town, but it is also home to numerous historical and cultural sites. Uppsala Cathedral (“Domkyrka”), the largest and tallest church in Scandinavia, is located at Domkyrkoplan, a short walk from the train station. The rose-hued Gothic towers […]

Stockholm’s Salvaged Warship: Vasa Museet

King Gustav II Adolf ordered the building of Vasa, an elaborately ornate warship in 1625. Taking almost two years to construct, Vasa’s masts stood at over fifty meters, the hull was built from more than a thousand oak trees, hundreds of sculptures were crafted and painted specifically for the ship and it was equipped with […]

Stockholm’s Underground Art of Tunnelbana

Stockholm’s underground transit system, known as the Tunnelbana, is commonly referred to as “the world’s longest art exhibition.” The system opened in the 1950’s with a public art initiative kicking off in 1957. As a result, today, ninety of the system’s one hundred stations feature artwork produced from over 150 artists. With each passing decade, […]

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