Paris Art: Space Invaders Project

The Space Invaders Project undertaken by French street artist Invader aims to “invade” cities throughout the world with mosaic tile representations of first generation arcade games, in particular, the classic Space Invaders game. Despite spreading to 35 cities, the invasion began and continues in Paris, where Invader has put up around 1,000 pieces. Each city […]

Milan: Art on the Streets -The Don Gallery & City Council of Milan Public Art Works

Milan is well-known for its progressive fashion and design scene. The city has also been known to bring a sense of style to its streets, as it did with the custom-made, Fendi branded manhole cover laid down during fashion week. Five artists (Shepard Fairey, Space Invader, The London Police, Flying Fortress & Rendo) have been […]

Paris: Art & Architecture of the Métro

The sculpted green cast iron arches with overhanging amber lamps showcasing the iconic yellow and green “METROPOLITAIN” sign that marks the entrances to Paris’ Métro system have become iconic symbols of the city. Designed by architect Hector Guimard for the opening of the Métro on July 19, 1900, the Art Nouveau entrances were created in […]