Dubrovnik’s Old City Walls Walking Tour: Croatia

For the best views of the Old Town and harbor, take a leisurely stroll atop the historic city walls. Winding 1,940 meters around the city, the walls were originally constructed in the 8th century, but most of those intact today were built between the 13-16th centuries. The walls reach a peak height of approximately 25 […]

Verona, Italy: Chairlift to Capri’s Monte Solaro

Find the chairlift station at Piazzo Vittoria to catch a ride to Mount Solaro, the highest point of the island at 589 meters above sea level. Individual wooden chairs swoop over the tree-lined landscape to bring riders to the top in about twelve minutes. From the peak, the views span the Gulf of Naples, Anacapri, […]

Cairo, Egypt: Citadel of Salah al Din

Built on a hill of limestone, the citadel began as a pavilion built in 810 and was later fortified by Saladin between 1176 and 1183 to create a fortified royal city. Saladin, of the Ayyubid dynasty, who had come from Syria, introduced to Egypt the custom of building a fortress to serve as a stronghold […]

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