Greece: Lounge Cafe at the Sailing Club of Chania

Neorio Moro, the home of the Chania Sailing Club, was originally built during the city’s Venetian occupation in the 16th century. The space was restored and renovated in 2009-2010. The over-sized wooden doors anchoring the modern glass front entrance open into the popular Lounge Cafe. Inside, the open loft-like space houses a colorful huddle of […]

Egypt: Sailing the Nile in an Egyptian Felucca

Feluccas are traditional Egyptian sailboats, dating back to ancient times, that have maintained their popularity as the preferred mode of transportation along the Nile. Perfect vessels for catching cool breezes off the Nile during hot Egyptian summers, felucca rides offer relaxing cruises along the river. The boats and their captains are easily found along the […]