Belfast: Impressions from a Black Taxi

What we don’t know about other people could fill the space between us and them. When I was 14 I visited Ireland with my parents. As we drove around the countryside we enjoyed everything that you are supposed to enjoy on an Ireland trip, namely the beauty of the green countryside. However, things in Belfast, […]

Belfast’s Historic Crown Bar: Liquor Saloon

An absolute not-to-miss stop on any trip to Belfast, the Crown Bar is one of the oldest and most frequented landmarks in the city. Built in 1826, mostly at the hands of skilled Italian craftsmen who had arrived in Northern Ireland to meet the needs of a sharp increase in the demand for the construction […]

Belfast: Political Wall Murals

The sectarian conflict between Irish Catholic Nationalists favoring the unification of the Republic and Unionist Protestant supporters of continued British rule impacted many facets of life in Northern Ireland. The Troubles, as this period of unrest came to be known, literally left its mark on the walls of the city of Belfast. Political murals, serving […]