The Oddities of Stockholm’s Nordiska Museet

In simple terms, the exhibits at the Nordiska Museum explore the trends and traditions of life and work in Sweden throughout various time periods. Although this is an accurate summary of the museum’s objectives, it fails to highlight the value of the unexpected and varied items on display, which more likely than not will be […]

Stockholm: Vin & Sprithistoriska Museet

You can give us herring And you can give us sill But you will still be erring Unless you also will Give us a glass of Akvavit That sure smells sweet To Swedes in heat It gives the fish its feet It makes the dish complete -Herring & Sill, Swedish Drinking Song An unpretentious museum […]

New Orleans: National World War II Museum

Founded by Dr. Stephen Ambrose, renowned author and historian, in 1991, the museum first opened its doors in 2000 on the 56th anniversary of the Normandy invasion. Located in New Orleans, where Andrew Higgins built the landcraft used in the amphibious invasions of WWII, the museum is the only one in the United States that […]

Los Angeles: The World Famous Hollywood Magic Castle-Home of the Academy of Magical Arts

The Magic Castle is exactly what it sounds like, it’s a castle (well, of the Hollywood kind) devoted to the advancement of magic. It’s also member’s only, so you will either need to become a member or befriend someone who is a member and go as their guest. Membership comes in many forms, but as […]

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