Kyoto, Japan’s Warabimochi

As is to be expected, dessert takes on a life of its own in Japan, from the French pastries of Kyoto, to the green tea – vanilla soft serve combination, to the cream puffs of Beard Papas, you won’t find a shortage of either sugar rush inducing freakouts or refined post-dinner delights (or pre-dinner delights, […]

Japanese Cuisine: Raw Eggs Everywhere

There is an undeniable tendency to include raw eggs in Japanese cuisine. That tendency may get overlooked stateside as consumers shy away from tartar and harbor an unabated fear of salmonella.  But in Japan, raw is a norm. You will eat alot of raw eggs. If you have an egg on the menu, odds are, […]

Japan’s Finest Water

Its no secret. Japan is hot in the summer.  And the further south you go, the hotter it gets. The perpetual heat-wave transforms the plethora of vending machines into one of the country’s greatest conveniences. The brutal humidity also turns the Kiyomizu-dera Buddhist temple complex into a surprisingly appealing destination over the countless temples and […]

NYC Street Food: Takoyaki

A round ball of diced octopus, covered with piles of fish flakes, mayonnaise, pickled ginger, green onion, okonomiyaki sauce and who knows what else. The chef will prepare them in short order batches, periodically turning them over in the pan until the exterior maintains an even brown. If you’re lucky, the concoction is barely cooked […]