Naples, A City to Die For…

‘Go to Naples and then die’, the Italians say. It’s a play on words – a coastal town near Naples sounds like the Italian word for die – but the grim humour is in the supposed truth of the phrase. The city does have a seamy side and tourist tales of bag snatches and rip-off […]

Italy: The Masks of Carnevale di Venezia

Each February marks the beginning of Venice’s carnival, an ancient open-air festival, rooted in local tradition and commemorating the end of winter before Lent. The festivities fill the winding streets and open squares of Venice, creating a lively and engaging celebratory atmosphere that takes hold of the entire city. One of the most popular traditions […]

Verona, Italy: Chairlift to Capri’s Monte Solaro

Find the chairlift station at Piazzo Vittoria to catch a ride to Mount Solaro, the highest point of the island at 589 meters above sea level. Individual wooden chairs swoop over the tree-lined landscape to bring riders to the top in about twelve minutes. From the peak, the views span the Gulf of Naples, Anacapri, […]

Milan: Art on the Streets -The Don Gallery & City Council of Milan Public Art Works

Milan is well-known for its progressive fashion and design scene. The city has also been known to bring a sense of style to its streets, as it did with the custom-made, Fendi branded manhole cover laid down during fashion week. Five artists (Shepard Fairey, Space Invader, The London Police, Flying Fortress & Rendo) have been […]

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