New Orleans: Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo

Voodoo, which can be generally understood as a spiritual system based on God, ancestors and spirits, within which these forces interact with humans in all matters of fate and fortune, was originally brought to New Orleans directly from Africa. A popular figure in American folklore and likely the most well known Voodoo Queen of New […]

Athens: Leaving via a trip through Nafplio, Epidaurus & Corinth

The first modern capital of Greece, today, Nafplio is a charming seaside town located in the Peloponnese, only a few hours drive from Athens. The character and beauty of the buildings makes strolling through the town a joy. Picturesque streets lined with Venetian style buildings, marked by their characteristic wooden balconies and four panel wooden […]

Cairo, Egypt: Citadel of Salah al Din

Built on a hill of limestone, the citadel began as a pavilion built in 810 and was later fortified by Saladin between 1176 and 1183 to create a fortified royal city. Saladin, of the Ayyubid dynasty, who had come from Syria, introduced to Egypt the custom of building a fortress to serve as a stronghold […]

Seligman, Arizona: Snow Cap Drive In

Built in 1953 by Juan Delgadillo using mostly scrap lumber from the nearby railroad yards, the Snow Cap Drive-In is one of Route 66’s most colorful roadside attractions. The eatery is covered, inside and out, with decorations, kitsch and mementos left behind by travelers from around the world. A closer look around the property will […]

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