Greek Worry Beads: Komboloi

You’ll likely see the Greeks mindlessly tossing these colorful strings of beads in their hands and you will definitely hear the cracking of the beads in local cafes. Komboloi, or worry beads, are a traditional remedy for stress, believed to cure whatever ailments you might have or simply create a distraction for your mind. Traditionally, […]

ATHENS, GREECE: Notes on a City

Stray Dogs The unexpected yet common observation that many will make in reflecting on their time in Athens is the presence of a large and widespread population of stray dogs. Before Athens hosted the 2004 Olympics, the city gathered thousands of its strays to have them bathed and sterilized in an effort to clean up […]

Home-made Greek Wine: A Hima Introduction

Hima The cheapest option on menus and in supermarkets, hima, is home-made Greek wine. Available in red or white and easily spotted in wooden barrels in the markets, hima can be purchased in your own container or any of the empty bottles on hand at the store. In tavernas, hima is generally the cheapest option […]

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