Athens: Leaving via a trip through Nafplio, Epidaurus & Corinth

The first modern capital of Greece, today, Nafplio is a charming seaside town located in the Peloponnese, only a few hours drive from Athens. The character and beauty of the buildings makes strolling through the town a joy. Picturesque streets lined with Venetian style buildings, marked by their characteristic wooden balconies and four panel wooden […]

Athens: Museum of Greek Folk Art

Operated by the Greek Ministry of Culture, the Museum of Folk Art’s collection represents several different aspects of Greek folk art, including shadow theater, embroidery, regional costumes, weaving, folk painting, woodcarving and metalwork. The museum highlights the ways in which different aspects of Greek life were represented and how certain expressions created defining aspects of […]

Athens: Museum of Cycladic Art

Dedicated to the ancient cultures of the Aegean and Cyprus, the Museum of Cycladic Art houses four floors containing over 3,000 pieces related to Cycladic Culture, Ancient Greek Art, Cypriot Culture and Daily Life in Antiquity. The main draw of the museum is its collection of Cycladic art from the Early Bronze Age,  which accounts […]

Athen’s Day Trip: Aegina Island

A quick 35 minute hydrofoil ride from the mainland port city of Piraeus will bring you to the shores of Aegina, in the heart of the Saronic Gulf. You’ll disembark at the bustling harbor where ferries, hydrofoils and small fishing boats are constantly passing in and out through the marina. For easy, guided tours, visitors […]

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