Caprice: Sunset Drinks in Little Venice

The perfect spot from which to watch the dramatic sunset over the Aegean Sea. Caprice holds coveted real estate alongside the seaside. The crisp white and blue interior of the bar is the perfect backdrop to highlight the natural beauty of the sunset on the island. Doorways even with the sea level open to let […]

Greece: Easter Rocket Wars on the Island of Chios

Greek Easter on the island of Chios is a once in a lifetime experience; it typifies the spontaneity, passion and deep-rooted traditions of the country I came to love last year. Greek Easter itself is deeply moving.  At midnight, in the middle of service, the lights in the church are turned off and one by […]

Greece: Exploring the Ancient Olympos Valley

Often it is the quest for magic that draws us transients to the far ends of the earth.  Search no more, weary traveler! Olympos will answer your call for the ethereal, the other worldly.  And how could it not? By nature, a place named for the home of the Greek gods exudes a heavenly richness.  […]

Athens Day Trip: The Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion

Follow the beautiful, beach-lined Apollo Coast from Athens to Cape Sounion, about an hour by car, to reach the Temple of Poseidon. As you near the site, the ancient temple begins to rise above the road in front of you. The original temple was destroyed by the Persians around 480 BC so what you see […]

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