NYC Street Food: Takoyaki

A round ball of diced octopus, covered with piles of fish flakes, mayonnaise, pickled ginger, green onion, okonomiyaki sauce and who knows what else. The chef will prepare them in short order batches, periodically turning them over in the pan until the exterior maintains an even brown. If you’re lucky, the concoction is barely cooked […]

Cape Town: Arnold’s Restaurant – Local Cuisine

Many hostels will direct you to Mamma Africa (where the menu, music and décor contribute to a unique vibe), but Arnold’s is catching up to the tourist staple and commands a loyal following from the local residents.  Come here for the game meat. Order on the rare side.  And don’t leave the country without trying […]

Taipei, Taiwan: Snake Alley: Huashi Street Night Market

The infamous Snake Alley is now a well-publicized tourist venue, home to much more than vendors serving exotic reptiles.  There you can find stinky tofu, durian, and turtles (the variety served on a plate). The ‘alley’ is littered with vendors and, among them, cages containing the snakes.  They pick up a python or whatever and […]

Quebec City: Restaurant Aux Anciens Canadiens

Built in 1677, the historic Maison Jacquet is one of the oldest houses in Quebec. The former home of the popular Canadian novelist, Philippe-Joseph Aubert de Gaspé, author of the 1863 novel Les Anciens Canadiens, the house has been the location of the popular restaurant bearing the same name since 1966. Showcasing traditional Québecois cuisine, […]

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