Cairo’s Open-Air Dining at Sequoia

Sequoia’s location on the Northern tip of Zamalek, the main island in the Nile lying between Downtown Cairo and Giza,  allows diners to enjoy sweeping views of the river from any seat in the restaurant. Easily one of the most stylish dining destinations in the city, Sequoia’s dining room is a large open space with […]

Chinese Cuisine: Salted Duck Eggs – Itlog na pula

They might look harmless, but be warned. These are the culinary counterparts to the Dead Sea, duck eggs saturated with salt.  To the uninitiated, they can send your tongue curling and cholesterol climbing. While generating less media attention than balut, the flavor if not the appearance of the salted duck egg is far more abrasive. […]

South Africa: McDonald’s Mega Mac

Here we have American gluttony the in sub-Sahara. This is a fast food burger that is not to be trifled with. Amidst a continent of distinct local cuisine rests McDonald’s, the one reliable bastion of American influence, and inside: four patties, three buns, two layers of cheese, a pile of lettuce and onion, some sort […]

South African Street Food: Smileys

This is street food for the townships, a product of the racial and class divides throughout southern Africa. The local butchers get the prime cuts of meat, and the township residents make good use of the heads, a no cost source of protein. The value of the smiley rests primarily in the tongue (if you […]

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