Montreal’s Village des Neiges, 2012

From January 6th to March 31st, 2012, in Montreal’s Parc Jean-Drapeau, you will have the exclusive opportunity to visit a replica of the great City of Montreal entirely made out of ice and snow. This distinctive concept includes an Ice Hotel offering 15 standard rooms and 10 prestige suites, igloos, a heated glass igloo, a […]

The Bavarian Maibaum: A 16th Century Tradition

Erected in towns throughout Bavaria, the maibaum, or maypole, is meant to symbolize the independence, strength and community of a town. A long-standing tradition and closely governed by local regulations, the maibaum has to have a height of at least 30 meters and can only stand for a maximum of 5 years. Once a tree […]

Italy: The Masks of Carnevale di Venezia

Each February marks the beginning of Venice’s carnival, an ancient open-air festival, rooted in local tradition and commemorating the end of winter before Lent. The festivities fill the winding streets and open squares of Venice, creating a lively and engaging celebratory atmosphere that takes hold of the entire city. One of the most popular traditions […]

Carnaval de Québec: The World’s Largest Winter Carnival

The tradition of the winter carnival first began in Québec in 1894 as part of a tradition to gather and celebrate before Lent. The first presentation of the Carnival, as it has come to be known today, began in 1955 and introduced the world to Bonhomme, the Carnival’s representative and symbol of winter revelry. As […]

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