Paris Art: Space Invaders Project

The Space Invaders Project undertaken by French street artist Invader aims to “invade” cities throughout the world with mosaic tile representations of first generation arcade games, in particular, the classic Space Invaders game. Despite spreading to 35 cities, the invasion began and continues in Paris, where Invader has put up around 1,000 pieces. Each city […]

TrustoCorp’s New Exhibit “Life Cycle” at NYC’s Opera Gallery, 2011

Friday October 21st-Sunday November 11th, 2011 Opera Gallery, 115 Spring Street

Countdown to Munich’s Oktoberfest

Munich’s biggest festival of the year kicks off on September 17th with the tapping of the first keg by the Mayor of Munich at the historic Schottenhamel tent. Historically, the festival did take place during the month of October, but as it grew in popularity and its dates were prolonged, it was moved up to […]

OLEK at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery NYC, 2011


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