Classic British “Fruit Machines” Go Mobile

While sharing some commonalities with slot machines, a fruit machine is distinctively British and has been a popular fixture in the United Kingdom for decades. The term “fruit machine” was derived from machines released by The Bell-Fruit Gum company that dispensed gum as prizes. In fact, the BAR symbol, which is still used today, was […]

Italy: Capri & La Grotta Azzurra

Board a motorboat from the Marina Grande to embark on a tour around the island. The panoramic view of the island from the sea highlights the stunning beauty of the colorful buildings juxtaposed to the towering hillside, where diligent onlookers may catch a glimpse of the resident mountain goats navigating the perches of the island’s […]

Paris Pratique: Book Guide to Paris, France

An absolute must-have for navigating the streets of Paris! Useful to tourists and residents alike and certainly an essential gift to anyone embarking on a study abroad program in Paris, Paris Pratique is a thin, compact, yet incredibly detailed book that provides street maps by arrondissement. During even a short stay in Paris you are […]

ATHENS, GREECE: Notes on a City

Stray Dogs The unexpected yet common observation that many will make in reflecting on their time in Athens is the presence of a large and widespread population of stray dogs. Before Athens hosted the 2004 Olympics, the city gathered thousands of its strays to have them bathed and sterilized in an effort to clean up […]

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