95 Meters Above Bratislava: UFO Restaurant & Bar

Located in the world’s seventh largest suspension bridge, formerly known as the bridge of the Slovak National Uprising, UFO Restaurant and Bar opened in 2005 as a more modern and stylish reincarnation of the former Communist-style restaurant Bystrica that formerly occupied the space. The open-air observation deck sits 95 meters above ground level with the […]

Slavakia: Curious Statues of Bratislava

Hidden throughout the streets of the Old Town are four unique, life-sized bronze statues, serving to add a bit more character to the city’s historic center. You’re likely to come across them on your own without searching if you are spending any time in the Old Town. Rubberneck (Cumil)-Peeking out of an open manhole on […]

Hungary’s National Shot: Zwack Unicum

Commonly known to be the national shot of Hungary, Zwack was first invented in 1790 by Dr. József Zwack, the Royal Physician of Habsburg for Emporer Joseph II. Created from a secret blend of forty herbs and spices, the resulting drink carries a bold herbal flavor as distinctive as the liqueur’s packaging. In 1840, Dr. […]

Scattered Reflections of Istanbul: A Five Day Odyssey

Day 1: Spend time in Sultanahmet (named after Sultan Ahmet). View Hagia Sophia & the Blue Mosque – among other sites that we weren’t even aware were under our feet (Topkapi Palace, Basilica Cistern) – enjoy first Turkish Breakfast with coffee & tea. Attacked by bees, followed by a short walk around the neighborhood. Houses […]

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