Dubrovnik’s Old City Walls Walking Tour: Croatia

For the best views of the Old Town and harbor, take a leisurely stroll atop the historic city walls. Winding 1,940 meters around the city, the walls were originally constructed in the 8th century, but most of those intact today were built between the 13-16th centuries. The walls reach a peak height of approximately 25 […]

Dubrovnik: Island of Lokrum Nature Reserve

If you spend enough time in Dubrovnik, it is inevitable that eventually you will have explored all of the shops, sites, galleries and restaurants of the Old Town, walked the city walls, lounged at the beaches and will be looking for another way to spend your day. A short ferry ride from Dubrovnik’s port, at […]

Dubrovnik: Buza I & Buza II

Buza, literally, a hole in the wall, is what leads you through the Old Town’s south wall into two truly unique environments with breathtaking views of the sea. Barely legible etchings of “Buza” above otherwise unmarked doorways on the town’s wall mark the nondescript entrances to these popular seaside perches. Buza I and Buza II […]