NYC’s Dive Bars

If you are searching for the perfect casual, no frills hangout then one of the city’s dive bars might be your safe haven from the growing popularity of the $15 cocktails and $8 beers gaining prominence in the city’s nightlife. Unguarded and generally unmarked doors provide entrance to dimly lit, laid back drinking dens where […]

NYC’s Speakeasy Guide

“After one year from the ratification of this article the manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors is hereby prohibited” THE 18TH AMENDMENT, ratified January 16, 1919. The Prohibition Era in the United States stemmed out of the Temperance movement, which perceived that alcohol was the cause of many of society’s tribulations. Prohibition lasted thirteen […]

NYC Guide: Strictly Beer Bars

Tastings, flights, sommeliers, and meal pairings…all familiar terms to the wine connoisseur, but now the subject of admiration is beer. Artisan and local beers alike are gaining notoriety throughout the city for having the depth and nuances commonly associated with wine. Impressive and varied offerings paired with bar staff as knowledgeable as the Trappist monks, […]

NYC Guide: Hotel Bars

Looking for a luxurious backdrop for a special night out? How about a place guaranteed to impress? Check out the city’s best hotel bars, each offering their own version of the perfect atmosphere, the prettiest crowd, and the finest drinks. It’s all about the scene at these well known hotel bars. Cabanas at The Maritime […]

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