Barcelona: The Fundació Joan Miró

First opened in June 1975, the Foundation was the first public institution in Barcelona to focus on contemporary art. While largely devoted to the works of Miró, the space also showcases the works of other contemporary artists in line with Miró’s own directive. The Foundation building was designed by Josep Lluís Sert following the principles […]

Paris Art: Space Invaders Project

The Space Invaders Project undertaken by French street artist Invader aims to “invade” cities throughout the world with mosaic tile representations of first generation arcade games, in particular, the classic Space Invaders game. Despite spreading to 35 cities, the invasion began and continues in Paris, where Invader has put up around 1,000 pieces. Each city […]

Ireland’s National Theatre: Abbey Theatre (Amharclann na Mainistreach

Founded in 1903 by W.B. Yeats and Lady Augusta Gregory, two of the central proponents of the literary revival movement of the twentieth century, the Abbey Theatre‘s history is rooted in the development of the Irish national identity. The movement sought to improve intellectual life in Ireland through the written word and the Abbey’s artistic […]

Open House Worldwide begins May 20th in Tel Aviv, 2011

Open House provides a weekend of free and otherwise unobtainable access to a variety of buildings and spaces throughout different cities of the world. Started as a means to promote and celebrate architecture and design, the Open House initiative first began in London in 1992 and now occurs in ten cities: Tel Aviv: May 20-21 Helsinki: […]

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