Los Angeles: The World Famous Hollywood Magic Castle-Home of the Academy of Magical Arts

The Magic Castle is exactly what it sounds like, it’s a castle (well, of the Hollywood kind) devoted to the advancement of magic. It’s also member’s only, so you will either need to become a member or befriend someone who is a member and go as their guest. Membership comes in many forms, but as […]

Los Angeles: The J. Paul Getty Museum-Cultural Haven

Designed by architect Richard Meier and occupying approximately 110 acres across a hilltop in the Santa Monica mountains, the Getty Center was designed to display the nature surrounding the museum as much as the collection of artwork that it holds. From the street level parking lot, visitors can take an elevated tram up the hillside, […]

New Orleans: Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo

Voodoo, which can be generally understood as a spiritual system based on God, ancestors and spirits, within which these forces interact with humans in all matters of fate and fortune, was originally brought to New Orleans directly from Africa. A popular figure in American folklore and likely the most well known Voodoo Queen of New […]

Athens: Museum of Greek Folk Art

Operated by the Greek Ministry of Culture, the Museum of Folk Art’s collection represents several different aspects of Greek folk art, including shadow theater, embroidery, regional costumes, weaving, folk painting, woodcarving and metalwork. The museum highlights the ways in which different aspects of Greek life were represented and how certain expressions created defining aspects of […]

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