St. Louis, Missouri: Gateway Arch

At 630 feet, the Gateway Arch is the tallest man-made national monument in the U.S. The tram ride through the arch to the top takes approximately 4 minutes. Thankfully, during the journey up there is a narration playing that explains the history of the arch, which is a welcome distraction from the fact that you […]

Arizona’s Meteor Crater

A short drive off the interstate in Northern Arizona is one of the best preserved meteorite impact sites in the world. Simply named, Meteor Crater, the site is the result of a piece of asteroid colliding with the Earth at around 26,000 miles per hour. The result is a gaping hole, nearly one mile across […]

Winslow, Arizona: Lonely Corner

First came the song, the 1972 hit by the Eagles, Take it Easy, made famous the lyrics “Standin’ on a corner in Winslow, Arizona/ Such a fine sight to see/ it’s a girl, my lord in a flatbed Ford/ slowin’ down to take a look at me.” Then, in the mid- 1990’s, as part of […]

Oatman, Arizona: Roaming Burros of a Former Mining Town

Founded in about 1906, Oatman was established as a prominent mining town, producing nearly 1.8 million ounces of gold before the boom ended in the 1940’s. As part of the mining effort, early prospectors brought burros, or small donkeys, to haul rock and various supplies in and out of the mines. Upon the closing of […]

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