For anyone in search of some travel inspiration, ideas, planning tips and tricks or just a good story, check out these sites to hear from some well traveled, informative and thoroughly entertaining travel writers:

2LiveAbroad: Getting a job offer overseas or planning to live abroad is a life changing experience. There are so many details to plan and research before you make the big move. Join a community of expats living and working abroad. Find out what it is like and get the help you need to make your move overseas an amazing experience.

Europe Traveller: A blog from UK backpacker Ross about traveling around Europe and the rest of the world.

foXnoMad: Anil is a traveler and travel enthusiast. He has spent his entire life traveling, studying cultures, and picking up tricks along the way. He created foXnoMad to connect with other travelers, discover their world, and share what he has learned about to help you travel smarter.

One Step 4 Ward: Johnny Ward is a twenty-something Irish guy who has been working, volunteering and studying abroad for over 5 years now. 50 countries in and with work experience in 5 countries he’s trying to spread the word about long-term travel, lifestyle design and the awesome opportunities associated with it!

The Aussie Nomad: Chris is your typical Aussie who loves a beer and a laugh. Burning the suit and packing his career into a backpack he’s setting off to travel and work the world over.

The Mellyboo Project: Melissa has made it her mission to live life on her own terms, doing the things she wants to do, and exploring every last inch of the world. Follow her on her journey.

The Working Traveller: Shane and Deirdre offer up a mixture of first hand travel advice, stories from their own travels and practical information on how to travel and finance your trip through working  abroad.

The World is Waiting: Liv has been exploring the world independently since she was 17. She has lived and worked on islands, yachts and mountains, in villages and cities and worked her way around the world, earning her crust mostly as a diving instructor and shark photographer. She is always busy exploring and trying to understand new places. Her site documents her travel experiences and many misadventures and also includes her photos and handy hints.

Travel Wonders of the World: Mark has been traveling for over 25 years, reaching every continent and over 80 countries. Follow his blog about the most memorable destinations he’s visited – the places he regards as the travel wonders of the world.

Twenty-Something Travel: This is a website about travel for young people. It provides encouragement, information and resources for new travelers. As it is aimed towards young people, the emphasis is always on traveling simply, with a small budget.

Wandering Trader: Marcello Arrambide, Day Trader and Globetrotter behind a site with plenty of information on how to do both.