Midtown Atlanta: Piedmont Park

Offering a year-round respite from the surrounding city, Piedmont Park runs along 10th Street (a block west of 10th & Monroe Avenue to a block east of 10th & Piedmont Avenue) and Piedmont Avenue (12th & Piedmont to just before 15th & Piedmont) in Midtown Atlanta. The park is anchored by Lake Clara Meer and […]

Atlanta’s World of Coca-Cola

The original World of Coca-Cola was relocated to Pemberton Place, a 20-acre site developed by the company and named after John S. Pemberton, the pharmacist who invented the original Coca-Cola formula, from its original Underground Atlanta location in 2007. Prior to the beginning of the self-guided tour, guests are corralled into the Coca-Cola Loft, a […]

New Orleans’ World Famous Hurricane: Pat O’Brien’s

The story as to the origin of the Hurricane is said to begin during WWII, when popular liquors, like whiskey, were in short supply. Clever salesman forced bar owners to purchase cases of more plentiful liquors, like rum, before they would be willing to sell them bottles from their otherwise limited supply. Once Pat O’Briens […]

New Orleans: National World War II Museum

Founded by Dr. Stephen Ambrose, renowned author and historian, in 1991, the museum first opened its doors in 2000 on the 56th anniversary of the Normandy invasion. Located in New Orleans, where Andrew Higgins built the landcraft used in the amphibious invasions of WWII, the museum is the only one in the United States that […]

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