Moscow: The Real McCoy Bootlegger’s Bar & Club

Styled after the 1920’s Prohibition Era in the United States, the Real McCoy is a favorite haunt of expats and tourists alike. The bar was named after the expression “The Real McCoy,” a saying that evolved to describe the non-imitation liquor smuggled into the US by the infamous rum runner William McCoy. The bar caters […]

Dubrovnik’s Old City Walls Walking Tour: Croatia

For the best views of the Old Town and harbor, take a leisurely stroll atop the historic city walls. Winding 1,940 meters around the city, the walls were originally constructed in the 8th century, but most of those intact today were built between the 13-16th centuries. The walls reach a peak height of approximately 25 […]

95 Meters Above Bratislava: UFO Restaurant & Bar

Located in the world’s seventh largest suspension bridge, formerly known as the bridge of the Slovak National Uprising, UFO Restaurant and Bar opened in 2005 as a more modern and stylish reincarnation of the former Communist-style restaurant Bystrica that formerly occupied the space. The open-air observation deck sits 95 meters above ground level with the […]

Slavakia: Curious Statues of Bratislava

Hidden throughout the streets of the Old Town are four unique, life-sized bronze statues, serving to add a bit more character to the city’s historic center. You’re likely to come across them on your own without searching if you are spending any time in the Old Town. Rubberneck (Cumil)-Peeking out of an open manhole on […]

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