Meghan Dwyer

I grew up in New England and appreciate towns with gazebos.

The longest ferry ride I ever took was fifteen hours.

I think Swedish chokladbollar need to be made more widely available in the States.

I wonder what Bonhomme does the other eleven months of the year.

One day I’ll get to Havana…

Regular Contributors:

Jason Summerfield

Originally from Jersey.

I wasn’t eaten by tiger sharks on Kauai or lions in Kruger Park, though they certainly had an opportunity.

Everyone should have breakfast at Tsukiji Fish Market at some point in their life.

That’s me bungee jumping in Zimbabwe, even though the pulley system for getting you back onto Victoria Falls Bridge was broken.

At some point, I’m going to Monte Carlo to watch tennis, even though that Masters 1000 tournament is technically held in France.


Rachel Goldfarb

Rachel is a Jersey girl living in Connecticut.  Her first plane ride was to New Orleans when she was three months old and she’s really proud of that.

Rachel never had a dog growing up because her parents said that traveling was more important.  She quickly realized how right they were and traveled all over the world and thankfully, in her fiance, has found a travel neophyte who is willing to hop ponds, lakes, oceans, and state lines with her.   Her favorite trips have been to Israel, Athens, Vermont, Chicago, London, Paris, Paris, Paris, and Paris.

Life goal: Vacation home in the heart of the Left Bank.



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