A Beginner’s Guide to Bergen, Norway

Bergen, Norway is an incredible city – made even more accessible with Norwegian Air’s direct flights from Newburgh, NY & Providence, RI. Bergen is a direct train ride from Oslo, but I think it’s worth a trip in itself if you have the time.Built in the middle of seven fjords, Bergen is an adventure seekers paradise. Two of the seven have transportation to the top, and there is a pathway to walk/run/climb/fly across all seven.
Port in Bergen Norway: Bergenhus FortressA Bergen Card is a great way to explore all aspects of the city, and is available in 24, 38 & 72 hour options. It includes public transportation, enabling you to stay a bit out of city center (and save $$!) I absolutely loved the fact that I could climb on any tram from the city center without worrying about how to buy a ticket, or to where, or what time… 

The Bergen Card also includes free access or discounts to numerous museums and exhibits, including the can’t-be-missed KODE museum. KODE is 4 to 5 buildings worth of art, intelligent exhibits and Norwegian culture. When I visited, Queen Sonja had a fantastic display of her own art, including details of how she learned and perfected it all. There were also exhibits by Edvard Munch, Pablo Picasso & others. 

KODE museum, Bergen



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