BrewDog: Columbus, Ohio’s Best Kept New Secret

Ohio certainly isn’t the first state I think of when referencing craft beer, but the Scotland-based brewery, Brewdog, did not agree. 

For such a large business, Brewdog knew it couldn’t enter the US market as just another craft brewery, yet they also knew the US market could be a game-changer.  Brewdog, Doghouse, Columbus Ohio

Brewdog was about four times the size of the largest brewery near me in Connecticut, and I was impressed! The brewery, restaurant and beer garden all open with the launch. Tours now run live multiple days a week. I found the tours to be unique in focusing more of the science & mechanics of making a beer, vs what a beer is or drinking a ton of it that you’ll find elsewhere. It included a taster prior to the tour, and full beer back in the main bar after it. You won’t be carrying/drinking any beer throughout this tour but you will learn something new! As a Brewdog Investor also known as Equity Punk, the tour is included. 

The main Brewdog brewery is not in downtown Columbus, about 20 minutes south. I didn’t find any great hotels nearby – but this all leads to the creation of the Brewdog HOTEL being even better. 

If I was to move to the midwest (skyline chili?!), the location & future potential of Brewdog is a huge game changer in my opinion. A global brand, built upon unique entrepreneurship that’s been successful thus far! Lastly –

How fantastic is the vest you have to wear for the tour!? 





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