I flew to Ireland for $99 and it worked! Wow Air Review.

You may have heard of the amazing new prices to cities in Europe (Dublin, Paris, London, Amsterdam), and thought, “Is that for real?” I’m here to confirm it is.

Wow Air flies out of Boston and Baltimore, to cities like Dublin, London, Paris & Amsterdam. You may also be able to set up a stopover in Iceland. Edit: Wow Air has just added service from San Francisco & Los Angeles! And the cities they fly to in Europe is heavily expanded.

Wow Airlines Plane in ReykjavikI booked my $99 one-way flight to Dublin in the summer of 2015, for a flight leaving November 12 out of Boston. I’ve flown budget airlines before like Spirit & Ryan Air, so I knew to read the fine print and be prepared for sparse accommodations. A few to note for Wow Air, the only bag allowed in the ticket price is one carry-on, 56 x 45 x 25 cm incl. wheels and handles, max. 5 kg (11 lbs). On board amenities including water start at $2. But $99 to Europe can’t be beat so I accepted the challenge of making it to Dublin without paying any extra fees. More fee information here.

I packed a small backpack of clothes, planning to wear my bulkier (but not uncomfortable) clothes, and one pair of shoes on board. To confirm the weight of the bag, I used my standard scale while I was wearing the backpack. The scale wouldn’t weight just the pack, so I weighed myself with and without the bag, and hoped it was fairly accurate! I drove the 3 hours to Boston, and parked in the airport’s economy lot as off-site parking wasn’t much of a savings. In hindsight, I would have parked out in Waltham and taken the T, and then a cab/shuttle to the airport. The Wow check-in process was smooth, and they did weigh my carry-on! 8 lbs, so I had 3 more for souvenirs. The gate is an odd side hallway in the opposite direction of the main terminal (Nov. ’15), but there is a bar and shop past security. I purchased food to go at the bar, and a few bottles of water. I highly recommend either bringing snacks, or airport food as the “food” Wow Air sold on board didn’t look edible.

Wow Air Baggage TagOnce on board, the adventure began! We took off right on time, the plane was clean and colorful, and the staff was very polite. Bring cash if you want to purchase anything on board, as a number of people were turned down with credit cards that didn’t work “offline” – whatever that means. They accepted dollars no problem, though change was tough. Basically, be prepared before you get on board.

The flight to Reykjavik took about six hours, far longer than I expected, and the leg to Dublin was another 2.5. It’s a long day.

Other things to note: I saw someone in Reykjavik arguing with gate agents who were trying to make her pay to check her bag, though she already had paid in Boston. They said that only covered the first half of her trip. Also, the airport is very boring at 4am – though there were some cheeky Brits serving themselves beer at the bar! Hey – if it works … Also met a man with a giant winter coat that he’d loaded pockets with his toiletries to keep under the 11lb cutoff.

Overall, it was an adventure that I recommend you embark on.

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