Galway Bay Brewing: Irish Craft Beer & Beer Bars

Craft beer in Europe isn’t quite up to the boom of America – yet – but it is on its way. Based in Galway, Western Ireland’s hub, Galway Bay Brewing is leading the way in Ireland. Started in 2009, after the Oslo added a brewery onsite in Salthill. It’s expanded to 11 locations in Galway & Dublin, but I’d still suggest visiting the original!

Galway Bay Brewing was actual the entire reason for my visit to the west coast of Ireland. On my first trip overseas (read: diagnosed with travel bug), I met a friendly bartender in Dublin who told me that while he was thrilled I was visiting his country, I had to see Galway to really understand the Irish culture. As an incentive to visit, he handed me a frequent visitor punch card with 9/10 stamps already stamped. All I had to do was visit Galway Bay Brewing, and I’d receive a free beer! When $99 one-way flights to Dublin were announced, I knew it was fate. Galway Bay Brewing

I was lucky enough to stumble across Salthouse on a random walk around Galway, and didn’t continue to find Oslo. With multiple beers on tap, and bottle, Salthouse sells their own brews, in addition to craft beer from across Europe. The hipster bartender was well-versed in all of them, and I had a great mix of beers. He’d never ever seen my punch card, but as you can see above, was a good sport about it and let me redeem it! He marked it up so I couldn’t use it again since I wanted to keep it. (I still carry it in my wallet.) Salthouse is also known for the viral story when it rained beer in the bar! img_3375







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