Classic British “Fruit Machines” Go Mobile

While sharing some commonalities with slot machines, a fruit machine is distinctively British and has been a popular fixture in the United Kingdom for decades. The term “fruit machine” was derived from machines released by The Bell-Fruit Gum company that dispensed gum as prizes. In fact, the BAR symbol, which is still used today, was the company’s logo that branded their chewing gum packages. Found in pubs, cafes and amusement arcades, the fruit machine differs from the slot machine as it offers 5119422_1_lplayers the opportunity to influence the outcome of the game with certain features like holds, nudges and bonus trails. This skill element is a signature feature of the fruit machine. As such, it would be accurate to describe a fruit machine as a type of slot machine but the opposite would not be true.

Part of the cultural and entertainment landscape of the UK, fruit machines have continued to soar in popularity (there are even museums dedicated to documenting the history of the machines) and have been adapted to online and mobile formats to increase their accessibility to players throughout the world. One of the most popular modern adapters of the classic games, pocket fruity, has created a platform to support numerous popular fruit machine games on a mobile device, allowing users the chance to carry a mobile casino with them anywhere they go and access the games at any time. The site is owned and operated by an England registered company and fully licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. In aiming to please fruit machine players, all of the games have their own unique themes and payout structure and are reminiscent of some some of the most popular fruit machine games. Game choices include “Lucky Charm,” an Irish-themed 3-reel slot and “Cop the Cash,” a cops and robbers type 3 reel game in which players grab as much cash as they can before being caught by the cops, among many others.