Montreal: The Bar at Maison Boulud-Ritz Carlton

598679_483834371637714_253204248_nTucked to the side of the main dining area and opposite the open kitchen, the bar at Maison Boulud is sectioned off from the rest of the restaurant by a transparent fireplace wall, an illuminated wine locker and a light catching fragmented wall screen. Whether you pull up to the rectangular bar or cozy up to one of the surrounding side tables, the bar offers an elegant and comfortable space for both groups and individuals who may be passing a night in the city.

While the wine and drink list is exhaustive, the bartenders’ extensive knowledge of the 398349_479878322033319_1632308444_nofferings make choosing the perfect drink simple. All drinks are carefully assembled, but the bar elevates the Irish coffee, a well-known after dinner drink, to a new level. Maison Boulud’s variety is not only delicious but meticulously prepared with a blow torch finished sugar rim on the glass. Small plates are offered in the bar but a clear standout would be the madeleines. The French butter cookies are served warm, swaddled in a folded napkin bowl and lightly dusted in powdered sugar. A combination of refined ambiance and high quality offerings, the bar at Maison Boulud is well worth any visitor or local’s time.

1228 rue Sherbrooke between rue Drummond and rue de la Montagne, Montreal, CA