Stamford Connecticut’s Bartaco: Beach Vibe in Downtown

628x471Slip away from the chaotic streets of downtown Stamford into Bartaco, a laid-back Mexican restaurant focused around fresh tacos, fresh cocktails and ice cold beer (even offered by the bucket). The central focus of the restaurant is the large bar, where you can get an up-close look at the bartenders pressing fresh juice for your cocktail of choice. The dining area is open with small two-top photo-2tables and larger booths along the wall. Diners are provided pencils and an ordering sheet to easily mark food choices for quick collection by the waitstaff. Tacos are $2.50 each or $7 for 3, a great value as they suggest 3-5 tacos per person depending on your appetite. Appetite aside, it is hard to narrow the choice down to any less than three with a selection that includes baja fish, red snapper, thai shrimp, pork belly, lamb barbacoa or even cactus pad to name a few. There are a few non-taco options on the menu, including various tamales and rice bowls in addition to side dishes like pickled carrots, onions & jalapenos or grilled corn with lime, cayenne & cotija cheese. The orders are delivered on long trays and if there are just too many options to think about you can save time by ordering a small or large tray, which will include the chef’s selection of tacos, guacamole, tamales and sides so you can direct your attention on working through the fresh cocktail list.

222 Summer Street, Stamford, CT


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