Moscow: The Real McCoy Bootlegger’s Bar & Club

McCoy-with-rumStyled after the 1920’s Prohibition Era in the United States, the Real McCoy is a favorite haunt of expats and tourists alike. The bar was named after the expression “The Real McCoy,” a saying that evolved to describe the non-imitation liquor smuggled into the US by the infamous rum runner William McCoy. The bar caters to the after-work crowd, offering live music several nights a week, and the all-night party scene, which tends to fill the 24 hour bar closer to midnight. With a wide variety of affordable drinks, the bar tends to get busy and has a reputation as one of Moscow’s most notorious pick-up dive bars. Promoting itself with the tagline “We Never Cut the Liquor” it is easy to see why this The Real McCoy continues to draw a crowd.

 пл. Кудринская, 1/Koudrinskaya sq. 1 (in the base of the Stalin skyscraper), Moscow

Metro Barrikadnaya