Madrid: Playful Drinks at Chueca’s La Tita Rivera

DSC00787Tucked down a side street nearby the vibrant Calle Fuencarral is the trendy tapas restaurant and bar, La Tita Rivera, a spot as trendy as the surrounding Chueca neighborhood. Homely yet modern, the playful industrial design contrasts white brick walls and exposed brewery equipment with colorful mismatched chairs that look as if they could have been pulled from an old school or DSC00790a grandmother’s house. The originality of the design results in a modern, comfortable and festive environment to enjoy some tapas, a burrito or a drink.

DSC00792One of the unique draws of La Tita is the line of signature, pre-mixed cocktails. The “Latitas” come in six different flavors: Tinto de Verano, Sangria, Blanco de Verano, Shandy from Cider, Tinto de Verano Limon and Rebujito. Enjoy one as you watch pedestrians pass by through the large glass windows in the front room or on the open-air terrace located in the back of the restaurant.

Chueca neighborhood/Calle de Pérez Galdós, 4, Madrid