Yale v. Harvard: The Game, a football tradition since 1875

DSC03502The annual collegiate showdown represents one of The Ivy League’s most highly anticipated rivalries and carries on over a century of storied football tradition. The first game, which was won by Harvard, was played on November 13, 1875 and the tradition of what has become known simply as “The Game” has continued on for more than one hundred celebrated encounters between the two teams. From its inception there have been numerous memorable moments between the two teams. In 1885 The Game was on hiatus resulting from Harvard’s ban of football as a brutal and demoralizing sport. In 1963, The Game was postponed for the first time in its history following the assassination of JFK. Yet, one of the most well known moments was the tie reached in the 1968 lh-yale-harvard-1920encounter and the brazen Harvard headline “Harvard beats Yale 29-29,” after Harvard came back to score 16 points in the last 42 seconds of the fourth quarter.

Win or loss, fans and alumni from both universities are always well represented at the games and over the years have elevated the pre-game tradition of tailgating to a spectacle in and of itself. Elaborate set-ups include not only the expected grilling and drinking but also notable artifacts of past games proudly displayed by alumni and former players.

The games are played in New Haven, CT (Yale) on odd years and in Allston, MA (Harvard) in even years.