Greece’s Traditional Costumes: A Photo Shoot

IMG_0237It is more than likely that if you find yourself wandering the streets of Rethymno, you will eventually pass one of the over-sized advertisements for Studio Camera offering customized photo shoots. It is also very likely that after enough shots of Cretan raki, a photo shoot in traditional Greek costumes, an idea that probably never registered with you before that moment, becomes a “must-do” before leaving the city.

Enter Mr. George Christodoulakis, the photographer behind Studio Camera. In our case, we found ourselves talking excitedly in front of one of the ads, unbeknown to us at the time, standing directly across the street from the studio itself. A man, who was standing in the doorway of the adjacent building and happened to know Mr. Christodoulakis, overheard our conversation and passed on his phone number. A few minutes later, we had an 8pm appointment to meet the photographer that IMG_0260night.

At our meeting, we expressed our interest in traditional Greek costumes and were led to the upstairs of the studio, which houses racks of various costumes. Mr. Christodoulakis quickly helped us arrange our outfits and led us across the street to what seemed to be the unused dining space of a local restaurant. Three dimensional props were brought out and the shoot began. Throughout the hour long session, we worked through numerous poses, encouraged by the photographer and even a few of his local friends who dropped in on the shoot. Afterwards, we were guided through all the proofs, allowed to select the best ones to take back home and thereby ended up with what is arguably one of the greatest souvenirs ever.

Arampatzogloy, 30, Rethymno (Greek only)