The Historic Catalan Beer Company: Moritz Brewery

DSC00171A local beer, steeped in the region’s history, had its beginning at the arrival of Louis Moritz, who first arrived in Barcelona from Alsace in 1851. After several years of teaching beer making he decided to purchase a small brewery, which launched the Moritz Brewery in 1856. The beer would go on to win numerous awards before the brewery became state controlled during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). The family regained control after the war but faced a challenging economic climate during this period and due to financial difficulties was forced to stop production in 1978.

In 2004, the brewery was given a re-birth at the hand of the descendants of Louis Moritz, who restarted the oldest beer brand in Barcelona at the same location as the initial brewery, Ronda de Sant Antoni in the Raval. Although the brewery’s main DSC00176operations take place in Zaragoza, the Ronda de Sant Antoni location houses a boutique subterranean brewery (capable of producing 60 hectoliters of unpasteurized beer per year) a long tin bar, along with a new museum, store, wine bar, restaurant, sidewalk terrace and event space. French architect Jean Nouvel led the restoration of the 19th century brewery. The sleek, modern re-design gives a nod the brewery’s past in preserving the antique brewing equipment behind large glass panels. Additional striking features of the space include a vertical garden created by Parisian botanist Patrick Blanc. If the historic beer brand isn’t enough of a draw on its own, be sure to come by to take in the breathtaking architectural and design features.

Ronda Sant Antoni, 41, Barcelona