Montreal’s Café Gitana and Gitane Turquoise: St. Denis Hookah Bar

Located on popular rue Saint-Denis in the heart of the Latin Quarter, Café Gitana is a laid back hookah bar with indoor and outdoor seating offering a full bar selection, including beer and sangria by the pitcher, along with a shisha menu at $15 per hookah. The indoor café decor is traditional with weathered wood tables and lightly cushioned wood benches with stools and chairs. During the day, the crowd is sparse with most patrons  settled in with laptops or books. As night falls, the crowd thickens and the music loudens as the café becomes crowded with the nighttime throngs strolling Saint-Denis. Among the groups of people inside, hookahs fill the tabletops and are placed on the floors within larger groups for sharing. To handle the rush, Café  Gitana has a second outpost, Gitane Turquoise, just down the street. The only catch is that you have to order your hookah at the main outpost to be delivered to you at Gitane Turquoise.

2080A, rue Saint-Denis, Montreal




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