Quebec Microbrewery: Les Brasseurs du Nord

Founded in 1987 and launching in 1988 with the Rousse, a dark amber, the first of its kind to be created by Quebec brewers, Les Brasseurs du Nord produce Boréale, a craft beer exclusive to Quebec. Maintaining an emphasis on quality over quantity, Les Brasseurs du Nord produce six ale-type beers: Boréale Rousse, Boréale Blonde, Boréale Cuivrée, Boréale Noire, Boréale Dorée and Boréale Blanche. To maintain the full complexity of each beer’s aromas and flavors, they are cold-filtered rather than pasteurized. Moreover, all of the beers, with the exception of the Dorée and Blanche are pure malt without substitutions.

To date, the brewery is still run by its three founding members, Laura Urtnowski, Bernard Morin and Jean Morin, who were students in their twenties when they established the brewery. The Boréale brand can be easily identified by the white polar beer on its label, said to representative of the brewery’s strength, independence and enterprise.