Bartini at W Montreal

A small alcove tucked away at the end of the hallway past the main reception area, Bartini is the property’s only W owned bar on the premises. A backlit blue bar and luminescent white glow from the seating area shine through the floor to ceiling glass panels that enclose the bar space. With only four stools at the compact bar, Bartini is an intimate space that shuts out the hustle and bustle of the popular hotel and adjacent Wunderbar nightclub to make guests feel like they are at a private bar. You can choose from the list of cocktails which includes seasonal selections in addition to classic standbys such as the Mojito and Mimosa or take advantage of the personal attention afforded by the cozy quarters and allow the bartender to make you a personalized drink based on your preferences and the ingredients on hand.

Cocktails are priced around $18 each.

901 Square Victoria, Montreal