Germany: Scheibel Family Brandy Distillers

Tasting the fruit of the Black Forest is as easy as dropping into the Scheibel distillery, well-known throughout the region as creators of premium brandy. The careful selection of regional and rare fruits, the distillery’s unique wood-fired stoves and a disciplined aging process all contribute to the fine quality of Scheibel branded spirits. Family owned and operated since its inception, the brand prides itself on both the quality and innovative creativity of its line of spirits. The distillery offers free tastings and  its employees are more than happy to explain the company’s history or the process behind the production of any of their spirits.

Highlights from the brandy selection include Altes Pflümle (plum), Nussler (chesnut) and Wilder Berg-Kirsch (Black Forest berries).

Grüner-Winkel 32, Kappelrodeck (nearby Hex vom Dasenstein winery), Germany




  • justin lill

    do you have an importer in australia and what is their contact number..thankyou

    March 14, 2012 at 03:02
  • Heide Witkowski

    I would like to purchase “Finesse” brand from Scheibel distillery. Is there a distributor in the USA??
    Bought some in Germany on vacation and it tastes terrific.

    July 29, 2014 at 17:08