Montreal Microbrewery: Les Trois Brasseurs

Based around a deeply rooted family tradition and the basic concept of creating fresh non-pasteurized beer made from the purest ingredients and traditional recipes, The Three Brewers first opened in Place de la Gare à Lille in 1986. Today, the microbrewery and brasserie boasts 28 locations throughout France in addition to numerous locations in Canada, including several in Montreal. The beer, a selection of white, blonde, amber, brown, and a monthly seasonal brew, is brewed in each brasserie with copper tanks, aging barrels and stacks of barley in plain sight. Beer can be ordered by the 1/2 pint, pint, liter or pitcher. For those looking to sample all their options, a four glass four ounce tasting is available, or, for the more ambitious, a full meter, comprised of ten 1/2 pint glasses. The menu also offers an array of unique beer cocktails such as the White Peach made from white beer and peach schnapps or The Brit, made brown beer, Jameson and whiskey.

The special of the house is an Alsatian dish known as Flammekueche, a rectangular, wafer thin-crusted pizza available with a variety of toppings, including those highlighting local tastes, such as The Québécoise with onions, bacon and Québec raclette cheese or The Smoked Meat with smoked meat à l’ancienne, gruyère cheese and pickles.

Montreal Locations

1658, rue Saint-Denis (between Blvd Maisonneuve & Rue Ontario E)
105, rue Saint-Paul Est (at Rue de Vaudreuil)
732, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest (at Avenue McGill College)
1356, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest (at Rue Crescent)