Paris’ Famous Steak Frites at Le Relais de l’Entrecôte

Opened by Paul Gineste de Saurs in 1959, Le Relais de l’Entrecôte, is a popular Parisian bistro focused around a single dish, steak frites. Upon entering the restaurant, which is overseen by an all-female waitstaff dressed in traditional black and white servers uniforms, you will be seated, presented a sliced baguette and a wine list consisting of about five wines, from which you will more likely or not go with the house red, Cuvée du Relais de l’Entrecôte. The only other choice you will need to make throughout the meal is how you would like your steak cooked. The restaurant only offers it four ways: bien cuit (well done), à point (medium), saignant (rare) or bleu (nearly raw). Once you’ve decided, the waitress will scrawl the temperatures onto your paper tablecloth before bringing frisee salads with a light mustard dressing to the table. Banquet stations are set up around the restaurant for the servers to place the platters of steak once they arrive from the kitchen. The rib-steak is thinly sliced by the waitress, topped with the restaurant’s famous (and secret) sauce and plated with a high pile of thin-cut, crispy frites. Once you are down to your last few bites, the waitress will come back around and serve you the other half of your steak along with more sauce and an additional serving of fries. The steak dinner runs 25€ per person without wine.

 15, rue Marbeuf/8th arr.

101, Blvd du Montparnasse/6th arr.

20, rue Saint-Benoît/6th arr.

Reservations Not Accepted.